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The Best & the Largest Auto Dealer

Barlow Motors was established in 2010 with the purpose of providing an exemplary service when buying a used car. It started out as a small business and each year we have grown to become a recognized name in used car selling companies in Calgary. Barlow Motors has been undeniably successful in creating a company of opportunity and by offering the public not only quality pre-owned vehicles but also with our program to help them enhance/rebuild their credit. Our inventory for the latest used cars for sale is updated. Our professional sales representatives are available in order to help you with any of your car buying needs. It doesn’t matter which kind of car you would like to buy or the purpose of the car, you will receive professional treatment and exemplary support from Barlow Motors.


Financing Options

Barlow Motors is a customer service driven company and we pride ourselves in our strong relationship with our customers. Knowing our customers are happy and are provided an excellent experience is our greatest reward. In that persuit, we have partnered up with 20 lenders to get you approved at the best possible rate.

  • In-Home Financing Offers
  • Self-Employed
  • Bankcruptcy
  • Bad Credit
  • Cash Back Program


Luxury Used Cars

Here at Barlow Motors our lots are filled with a variety of models but we specializes in acquiring used luxury models. BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Acura, Landrover etc.

In-Home Financing

Although we work with over 20 lending partners, Offering In-home financing has alot of benefits for our clients because we are able to offer packages that banks can't.

Lowest Prices In Town

Barlow Motors prides in providing lowest prices all over town.

  • Luxury Used Cars
  • In-Home Financing
  • Lowest Prices in town

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